Discover how to reclaim your focus and make space for what truly matters!



Discover how to reclaim your focus and make space for what truly matters!

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This inaugural season of The Spacemakers, delves into the “The Fracturing of Our Attention and How To Reclaim Your Focus"

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Why can't I focus like I used to?

Our attention is waning as a society. The more we swipe a screen, the more we struggle to concentrate. In this episode, we delve into the impact of digital overuse on our relationships, productivity, and overall flourishing—and explore what we can do to reclaim our attention.

How the internet is changing your brain

The average adult spends 65 hours a week on screensthat’s a lot of ‘internet practice.’ Our social media and short-form video scrolling, among other attention-sapping practices, is fundamentally rewiring our brains. Discover strategies to reclaim your focus by unplugging as a habit.

Productivity Insights From An Elite Athlete

Guest: Jack Riewoldt

We chat with Jack Riewoldt, former Aussie Rules Footballer and three-time premiership Vice Captain, Coleman Medallist, and All-Australian to uncover insights about Jack's productivity habits both on and off the field.

What You Give Attention To Grows

Guest: Dr. Julia Verdouw

In an attention economy, sharpening our focus is key. This episode, we chat with Dr. Julia Verdouw about her journey with tinnitus and insights gained along the way. We explore the skills needed to curate our minds, learning to ‘unhear’ noise, and deliberately attune our attention to people and purposes beyond ourselves.

Bottom Up and Top Down: The Science of Attention

Our attention is rare, and precious, and curating it carefully is key. In this episode, we explore the difference between the bottom-up and top-down attentional systems, and the impact of our environment on self-regulation. We also introduce our focus framework, helping you cut through the noise by embracing a greater 'yes!'

Making Space for Quiet in a Loud World

Blaise Pascal once wrote: “All human evil comes from man's inability to sit still in a room.” While perhaps an overstatement, it speaks to the importance of silence, deep thought, and self- reflection. Without space, we become frantic, caught up in meaningless busywork, living according to someone else's script. This episode discusses the importance of making space for silence, inner reflection, and deeply knowing ourselves.

Is Everything Awesome When You're Part of an MS Team? (Tim Hynes)

Staying focused at work can be tough with all the interruptions. Microsoft's 2023 data reveals that workers spend so much time chatting on tools like MS Teams and Slack that they're struggling to find time to actually 'do' their work. In this episode, we share our observations about email and Teams in the workplace, offering practical strategies to help you reclaim your collective focus and overcome distraction.

Digital Declutter: How to Dumb Down Your Smartphone

Willpower alone isn’t enough to overcome the distractions vying for our attention. This episode is about reclaiming mental space by tackling digital environments head-on. We’ll share practical steps to help you alter your digital environment, dial back notifications, and weed out attention-sapping apps. 

Doing the Reps: How to Broaden Focus with Deliberate Practice

Like a muscle, focus is strengthened with routine practice—it's all about the reps. In this episode, we delve into the power of habits for boosting focus and attention. We'll look at practical ways to cut through digital clutter, intentionally enriching our lives with worthwhile goals, connections, and activities away from the screen.

It Takes A Village To Reclaim Our Focus Together

While we value our individuality, our habits often mirror our surroundings. Echoing Dan and Chip Heath's insight that "behaviour is contagious", this episode explores the power of shared space-making. We'll explore environments that enhance focus and consider strategies to influence the attention within our families, workplaces, and communities.

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